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Air Gap

The area located between the rotor plates surface is airgap. The amount of airgap is a crucial factor in channeling airflow.


The area between two concentric circles. This dimension directly correlates to the friction surface area of the brake pad.

Anti-rattle Disc Hardware

An innovative spring fastener originally developed by Brembo to eliminate the “...

Brake Pad Options

Ferodo FM1000:

Brake Torque

Brake torque is essentially the power of the braking system. The brake caliper acts on the disc at a certain distance from the hub center, known as the effective radius.


The process of forming iron (ferrous materials) or aluminum by pouring into a pre-made die/mold.

Differential Piston Bore

Differential piston bore sizes are used to evenly spread the braking force from the master cylinder to the pistons when applying the brake pedal.


The method of forming iron and aluminum/aluminum alloy products exclusively using pressure. There are many methods of forging including but not limited to drop forging, press forging, hot forging...

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is a control device that converts non-hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure.