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Brembo GT Systems Overview

2-Piece Discs

$1,495 - $2,795

Upgrade and replace your heavy 1-piece rotor to a lightweight 2-piece disc system: comprised of an aluminum bell and outer iron disc with floating mounting hardware. These assemblies are direct OE replacements that work directly with stock calipers, and allow you to fine tune your systems initial bite characteristics and disc wear.

GT Systems

$1,595 - $5,695

The most popular High Performance system for street to track. Systems come with opposed piston calipers and are designed for high thermal resistance and precise brake modulation.Lightweight 2-piece discs increase thermal capacity to dramatically reduce brake fade, and are available in cross- drilled or slotted designs.

GT|R Systems

$7,395 - $9,995

This is the ultimate system intended to be used on the street or track, yet it can be a very potent race system without compromising overall streetability: none of the noise or comfort issues of a race system, yet the qualities of a race caliper such as the strength of billet monobloc construction and corrosion resistance of nickel plating.

GT CCM-R Systems

From $16,995

Beyond iron discs, is a lightweight carbon ceramic 2-piece system for racing (CCM-R). The GT systems performance combined with the superior wear (5x longer than iron), increased thermal capacity, and extremely lightweight characteristics of CCM-R make for an extremely versatile and durable system on or off the track.

GT|R CCM-R Systems

From $42,995

This is the ultra-high-end system for the most discerning individual.

This system stems from technologies developed in F1, so it will provide the ultimate in wear while being extremely lightweight: typically 5kg or 11lbs lighter than its iron counterpart. CCM-R combined with a GT-R system make for the ultimate system.

Brake Fluids

$19.95 - $35.00

Brembo brake fluid can handle high temperatures without loss of pedal feel (independently proven low compressibility). Both LCF 600 plus and HTC 64T both have an extremely high dry boiling point. The higher viscosity of this fluid delivers a “stiffer” pedal and provides stable performance under extreme temperatures which are critical in professional motorsports.